Thursday, August 21, 2008

31 Hours 40 Minutes and 53 Seconds

Coach Watson's flawless recap of the Wasatch Back of 2008

"I have prepared much

I had the half marathon, the Salt Lake half ran in April

Full marathon in Ogden, we’ll be going past Ogden that I ran just about a month ago

Brutal though, but now I have just been doing a lot of speed work, track work,

talking to my coaches, talking to ex-Olympians, things like that.

I am ready to go..."

After this race in 2007, I promised myself I would not do it again. Naturally a year later I found myself as a team captain. The course was five miles longer and took team FANtastic five hours longer. Two months later, I look back at this whole experience with wonder and amazment. The Wasatch Back will be one of the greatest blessing of 2008. It goes to show how narrow one's perspective can be and how much we can miss if we don't pay attention.


alisa and sometimes brandon said...

I didn't even run that race and watching the video makes me emotional. Apparently running makes me emotional.

Just awesome, Fantastic.

Amber Anderson said...

Shout out to the Back for bringing the Fantastic into our lives! You probably never would have made it to roommate status without it.