Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great Fortune

In 2008 the highest paid CEO made $133.7 million, to even make the top 100 highest paid CEOs you had to receive almost twelve million, that’s for just one year of work. These numbers are pretty petty when you consider the CEO of CEOs Warren Buffet lost nearly twenty-five billion in the last year; bring his net worth down to number two in the world with a mere thirty-seven billion. In truth these numbers don’t mean very much to me, and I would prefer a simple life to one of these tycoons. However what Warren Buffett has chosen to do with his money, and why he's chosen to do so is very powerful to me.

Warren believed he made most of his fortune because of a lucky accident, mostly attributed to when and where he was born. His work was more richly rewarded in this time and place than those of teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors and those that truly care. So he’s going to give away 99% of all his money to a charity started by the current richest man in the world Bill Gates. This foundation was created because they believed that every human life has equal worth and their goal is to help billions of people get a chance to live a healthy, productive life.

I hope we can all take a page from Warren Buffet's book. In these times of economic hardship I hope we can all realize that our sense of self worth should have very little to do with our net worth. It's the amount we are able to give of ourselves and the care that we provide to one another that truly matter. Thank you Mr. Buffet for giving us thirty seven billion reasons to follow you. Thank you for making this purchase in humanity, I pray we will not let you down and it will be an investment worth making.

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